Assisting the National Weather Service with Severe Weather

SKYWARN is a program founded by the National Weather Service (NWS) and parter organizations. The goal of the program is to provide critical information to the NWS during severe weather.

Getting Started

To become a SKYWARN spotter you must go through a training program. Once the training has been complete, you will be assigned a Spotter Number. This spotter number is used to associate your identity and home location to the reports you provide to the national weather service. Spotters typically relay weather information through phone or email, but ham radio operators have the option of reporting via SKYWARN nets that activate on local repeaters during NWS alerts.

Obtaining Training & Your Spotter Number

Trainings occur at regular intervals for our area. To find and sign up for a class, visit the National Weather Service SKYWARN Search webpage. If you are a member of Prince George's County, you can find information about classes near us at this location. 

BWA will monitor when these classes become scheduled and will send you schedule information via email periodically. 

Once you have completed your training, expect it to take a few weeks to a month before receiving your spotter number.

Getting Involved

Prince George's County SKYWARN is split into North and South divisions. Prince George's County North Skywarn reports to the Anne Arundel Co. Skywarn coordinator.

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