Digital Mobile Radio, the mode of the future!

Discover the cutting-edge world of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) with the Bowie Wireless Association. DMR represents a transformative leap in amateur radio, leveraging digital technology to enhance communication capabilities. This innovative protocol employs time-division multiple access (TDMA), allowing simultaneous conversations on a single frequency and optimizing spectrum usage. After reading this BWA guide, you'll be prepared to delve into the dynamic realm of DMR, experiencing expanded connectivity options, and the thrill of pushing the boundaries of ham radio in the digital age. Join us in exploring the future of communication through the exciting lens of DMR technology.

Learn About DMR With K3JSJ!

For your convenience, Jason Johnson (K3JSJ) has created a series of videos walking you through everything you need to know to get started with DMR. We recommend watching them as an excellent starting point.


Why DMR?

What is DMR?

DMR Examples

Operating DMR

DMR Setup Instructions

Before you can push that PTT button on your DMR radio, theres a bit of online setup that needs to be completed. First and foremost, DMR is operated on the licenced frequencies. If you don't have your ham radio license yet, visit our getting licensed tutorial. 

Obtain your RadioID

Create network accounts

Configure your Radio

Join our DMR Nets on N3LHD

N3LHD is a repeater the club uses located in Watkins Park, Upper Marlboro. 

Code Plugs

A big thank you to Doug (KC3VJS) for creating our very first code plug for the club to use! Below you will find a series of files that can be used with your radios. 

DMR Lessons Learned

As the club has been using DMR more, we have documented some of our lessons learned. The below document is provided at your convinence. Hopefully it will help you overcome some common pitfalls encountered when using DMR.

DMR Lessons Learned_Jan14_2024.pdf