Joining Prince George's County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Prince George's County MD Amateur Radio Emergency Service (PGARES) organization provides training and coordination for radio amateurs in our local area. During times of emergency, the chapter and its members may be called upon to provide emergency communication services for the county or neighboring areas.

Help suport your commuinty today by becoming an active PGARES member!

Getting Started

All the information aggregated here can be found in original form on the PGARES website. 

To get involved in PG ARES, there are a few prerequisites to joining:

Once those three things have been completed, it's time to start getting active by taking part in club meetings and weekly training nets.

Required FEMA Courses

If you are planning on doing ARES or RACES activities, there are online FEMA trainings that must be completed beforehand. These trainings can be compleated at your leaisure. Below you will find links to what trainings must be completed for each organization.

PGARES Membership Application Form

A copy of the below form can be downloaded directly from this link. If the link does not take you to the correct location, check the PGARES website for an up to date form. After filling out the form, make sure you email a copy to Jeff Humbert, KB3SPH at

PGARES Activities

Helpful Links

PGARES Community Service Showcase

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