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At the Bowie Wireless Association, we are dedicated to getting operators the education they need to reach their goals. On this page, you will find up to date information about upcoming classes and learning sessions. You will find many of these events and classes are not hosted by BWA, but by other local and national organizations BWA has partered with.

2024 Spring License Classes

2024 Spring License Classes are graciously sponsored by the Anne Arundel Radio Club, Rockville Science Center, and the ARRL. It is only through the generosity and support of these organizations that the classes are made available to you. Because of these fine organizations, these classes are all free of charge and will take place over Zoom. A special thank you to Kieth Millter, AE3D, who does all the hard work of preparing and teaching the classes.

It is through the hard work of the Anne Arundel Radio Club that these classes are possible. Not only are the classes free, but there is no charge for taking your exam at the clubhouse! These classes are organized perfectly to end just before a free AARC testing session. Take the test while the information is still fresh in your head.

It is recommended that you pre-register for these classes. To do so, please visit

A copy of the related ARRL Licnese Manual for the class is required. All teaching material will be structured around the reading material. If you are registered for the class, please read the first 2 chapters before the first class!

Technician Class

Class Times: Wednesday nights, 6:30pm - 9:00pm EST.
Class Dates:  January 31st to and including April 3rd, skipping Valentines Day (Feb.14).
Book: ARRL Ham Radio License Manual
AARC Exam Date: April 13th.

General Cass

Class Times: Wednesday nights, 6:30 - 9:00pm EST.
Class Dates:  April 10th to and including June 5th.
Book: ARRL General Class License Manual
AARC Exam Date: June 8th.